Twitter wedding

Today I’ve emptied my camera and there was a whole bunch of photos that I’ve totally forgot to show you. Here’s two projects from the early 2013.


I got the opportunity to make the place cards for a wedding. The couple met on twitter and you could follow the  whole wedding, both the preparations and the ceremony and even the party on Twitter with the hashtag #twitterbrollop.


I also made a card for them with the same theme, the Twitter bird. The patterned paper is called Lyrical and is from Prima Marketing and the collection Firefly.



Distress ink tutorial

Hi everyone!

I don’t want to interrupt you in your crafting for our ongoing challenge at BGC, but I think it’s good to sometime take a short brake. 😉 

Today I’m blogging at Beyond Grey Challenges and I would like to share my favorite thing when it comes to scrapbooking and card making, a tutorial of how I’m coloring. I love to color stamped images for the cards I make. I mostly use digital stamps because it’s easier to change the size of the image and I don’t have to wait for the postman. 🙂 I’m so impatient…. But I do have some rubber stamps too. 

 When I’m coloring I use Distress Ink Reinkers from Ranger that is a water-based dye ink. You can also use the Distress Ink pads if you prefer and now they also have the same colors as Distress Markers. When you’re coloring you only need a tiny drop of the color you want to use. You can use an acrylic block or another plastic thing as your palette because the color will not dry as long as you have it on any plastic. 

001tut This is how the Distress Ink Reinkers looks like.

001tut2When coloring with Distress Ink I use Canson 200 g aquarelle paper and a synthetic brush. I recommend a brush with a fine tip for the details. Right now I’m using a size 2 from da vinci, but I would recommend a finer one, size 0 or 00. I’m looking for a new brush that I like but haven’t found anyone yet. If you have anyone you can recommend, please let me know. When I’m coloring I also have water near me so I can clean my brush and some kitchen paper to dry my brush with.

002tutI start with stamping the image I want to use with Memorize dye inkpad. Of course you can use another one but it’s important that it’s waterproof. For my tutorial I’ve used a stamp from Magnolia which I think is called Flower girl with petals.

003tutIt’s important that the brush is damp and not wet so don’t take to much water on it. I start to color where I want the color to be darkest. In this case I begin with tattered rose as a first layer for her skin.

 After that I clean my brush with water and make sure it’s still damp. Then I start to draw the color out from the edge with circular movements. All the time I take the excess ink of my brush. Then I go on and draw the color out until it’s smooth and I can’t see any edges. I continue to color her neck.

004tutI start where I want the shadow and draw the ink out with circular movements. If you get to much ink on your paper you can just pick it up on your brush and wipe it off. (Sorry for the lamp that causes the yellow tint on her feet).

007tutI use the same color for her arms and legs and then I go on and color her dress. It’s important to let the ink dry before you color the nearby parts, so that the ink doesn’t bleed.

008tutThe color I use for her dress is named Milled lavender. Maybe you think now that the color is to pale. But it’s better to paint another layer if you want it to be darker because it’s not that easy to get a dark layer undone. On this image I’ve also colored Tilda’s shoes with Pumice stone.

I  don’t want you to fall asleep so I’ve tried to hold the amount of pictures down. It’s just a few more….

009tutFor the first layer of her hair I use Antique linen. I leave some parts of her hair uncolored so it’s still white where I want the light to fall. When I take some water on the ink it will bleed out so it’s not that white but still brighter.

010tutAnd for the second layer I use Walnut stain. In the video you can see how I’m coloring the third layer in the same way using Vintage photo. Here I’ve also made a second layer on her skin using the color named Tea dye, I make it exactly the same way as I did with tattered rose.

011tut And this is the result.


As a bonus I’ve made a video where you can see how I’m coloring. 🙂

I hope you like my tutorial and remember that this is just my way of doing this. There’s so many ways of coloring and you have to find your own.

Happy coloring and don’t forget the “Movie Inspired CAS”-challenge at BGC.


Celebrating 1 year of Scrapbooking!

Hi everyone,

It’s been a year now since I first started with scrapbooking and card making. Is there any greater way to celebrate this than change my blog address? 🙂 Everything I create now goes under the name “Made by Ebba”, yep that’s me. You can now follow me on my facebook page “Made by Ebba” or you can interact with me on twitter, @madebyebba.

Please make sure you’re following me and my creations. 🙂


Last week was really hectic. I had a deadline on an assignment in school, a lot of cards would be made and both me and H celebrated our birthdays. I got a whole bunch of stuff for my card making and of course other things as well.

DSC_9835From H I got 30 card stocks in different colors, tape, a few metal charms and some dimensionals.

DSC_9836The metal charms.

DSC_9845I also got 13 new Distress Ink colors from Ranger. I love these! Aren’t they gorgeous?!

DSC_9870On top of that I got two more Distress Ink Reinkers from my friends. 🙂 And I know that something more is coming. 😉 I’m so curious!! Now I have 29 of 48 colors. That’s quite good since I didn’t have any before christmas.

The cards are coming up here later this week. Happy crafting!

Blank Canvas

Förra veckan fick jag mina nya papper från First Edition Papers som jag beställde. Jag älskar verkligen dessa papper! Nu känns det som om våren är på väg. Här kan du se alla papper som är med i blocket Blank Canvas. Är de inte underbara?

Last week I got the new papers from First Edition Papers that I’ve ordered. I loooooove these papers!!! Now I feel that spring is coming. 🙂 Here you can see all the papers that’s in the Blank Canvas paper pad. Aren’t they gorgeous.

Jag fyller år om två veckor och högst upp på önskelistan står nya Distress inks. 🙂 Jag skulle verkligen behöva black soot som var slut i lager vid jul till ett kommande projekt. Självklart står även nya papper från First Edition Papers högt på listan. Man kan väl aldrig få för många papper? 😉

My birthday will be in about two weeks and new colors of Distress Reinkers is on top of my wish-list. 🙂 I really need that black soot color that was out of stock before Christmas. It would be perfect for an upcoming project. Of course new papers from First Edition Papers is high on my wish-list too. You could never get to many papers, right? 😉

Challenge #3 – The last challenge

Nu händer det mycket i min scraphörna. Jag har massor med kort att göra och även några beställningar. Här är bidragen till utmaning #3 och detta kommer att bli den sista utmaningen. Nu har jag så mycket annat att fokusera på och det kommer bli en hel del färgläggning ändå.

Denna gången har jag åter igen använt en digital stämpel från Cuddly Buddly. Denna stämpel heter Toby Tumble Tea Time och är gjord av Pachela Studios. Den andra stämpeln är från Paper garden projects och heter Tulip digital stamp set.

Now there’s a lot going on in my scrapcorner. I’ve a lots of cards to make and even some orders. Here is the coloring for my own challenge #3. 🙂 And this is going to be the last challenge. I have so much to focus on now and it will be a lot of coloring anyway. 

This time I’ve used a digital stamp from Cuddly Buddly again. The stamp is called Toby Tumble Tea Time and is made by Pachela Studios. The other stamp is from Paper garden project and is called Tulip digital stamp set.


Toby Tumble Tea Time
Päls/Fur: Vintage photo.
Stolar/Chairs: Walnut stain.
Bord/Table: En blandning av faded jeans, bundled sage och tattered rose. A mix of Faded jeans, bundled sage and tattered rose.
Tårtbit/Cake slice: Fired brick and Vintage photo.
Tekanna, ballonger, partyhatt, krona, tröja och tekoppar/Teapot, balloons, party hat, crown, t-shirt and teacups: Victorian velvet.
Skugga/Shadow: Stormy sky.

Blommor/Flowers – Dusty concord.
Stam och blad/Stem and tulip leaf – Antique linen, bundled sage, forest moss.

DT at Beyond Grey Challenge

Hej allihop,
För några dagar sen lovade jag att jag skulle berätta något för er. Jag är från och med 1:a februari 2013 en stolt medlem av Beyond Grey Challenges design team!! Det ska bli så himla kul att få skapa åt dem. Jag har redan börjat på mitt första projekt. 🙂

För att fira detta har jag beställt lite nya papper, blommor och pearls. Jag har massor av idéer!
Kolla gärna in vår blog och var med i de kommande utmaningarna du också.

Hi everyone,
A few days ago i promised to tell you something. From 1st of February  2013 I am a proud member of Beyond Grey Challenges design team. I am so exited and it’s gonna be so fun to create for them. I’ve already started with my first project. 

To celebrate this I’ve ordered some new papers, flowers and pearls. I have a lots of ideas in my head and can’t wait to make them real. 
Please, visit our blog and participate in the challenges that’s coming.


Challenge #2

Just nu är det mestadels målning som pågår här i min scraphörna. Jag försöker lära mig att färglägga med distresserna som jag fick i julklapp. Eftersom jag inte kunde bestämma vad jag skulle måla bestämde sig sambon för att göra en utmaning till mig. Han väljer ett ämne och jag väljer vilken stämpel jag ska färglägga. Nu var det dags för den andra delen i sambons utmaning. 🙂 Denna veckan valde han “Clown” samt ” ett påskmotiv med antingen en hare och ägg eller kyckling med ägg”. 🙂  Jag hittade ett motiv hos Cuddly Buddly – Toby Tumble’s Easter Surprise med både hare, kyckling och ägg. Det var svårare att hitta en digital stämpel med en clown. Men till slut hittade jag en clown här.

Right now it’s mostly coloring going on in my scrapcorner. I’m trying to learn how to color with the distress ink I got in christmas present. And because I couldn’t decide which stamp to color last week, my boyfriend decided to make a challenge for me. He selects the subject and I choose a stamp depending on that. This week he has chosen the subject “Clown” and a easter stamp with an easter bunny with egg or a chicken with egg. I  found a digital stamp from Cuddly Byddly – Toby Tumble’s Easter Surprise. That’s with both a bunny, chicken and egg. All in one place! It wasn’t that easy to find a digital stamp with a clown. But after some searching I found a clown on a coloring-page, here.

Hår/hair: Aged mahogny.
Hud/skin: Tattered rose.
Näsa/nose: Fired brick.
Tröja/sweater: Faded jeans.
Byxor/trousers: Stormy sky.
Bollar/balls: Fired brick, faded jeans.
Skor/shoes: I mixed this grey by myself a few weeks ago and can’t remember which colors I used, sorry. Fired brick.

Päls/fur: Vintage photo.
Tröja & öra/t-shirt & ear: Tattered rose.
Byxor/trousers: Faded jeans.
Blommor/flowers: Mustard seed, spiced marmelade.
Kyckling/chicken: Mixed mustard seed & antique linen, spiced marmelade.
Blad/leafs: Antique linen, bundled sage, forest moss.
Gräs/grass: Bundled sage.
Äggskal: Eftersom jag saknar både grå och svart blandade jag först till grå av bundled sage, fired brick och faded jeans. Därefter tog jag den grå färgen och blandade i lite mustard seed för att få färgen till äggskalet.

Eggshell: I had to mix bundled sage, fired brick and faded jeans to get a grey color because I don’t have either grey or black. After that I mixed grey and a bit of mustard seed to get the color for the eggshell.